The 7 P’s of a Perfect Self Tan

PLAN your perfect self tan. Consider which type of tan you want, either a gradual tan using tinted body lotion, built up over a few days or a faster more immediate tan.  Whichever route you decide it is important to do a test patch on an unobtrusive area so you know that the self tan will work and that you won’t suffer any adverse reactions to the product.

Know in advance when you are going to apply your self-tan.  It’s a good idea to a avoid exercise on the day of your self-tan; as sweat and fluctuations in body temperature will make your new tan streaky.

PREPARE your body for your self-tan.  Shave and wax the day before as these areas need a chance to ‘calm’ before self tan is applied and use a body exfoliator all over to release any dry skin.  Sugar, salt or coffee grounds mixed with shower gel are a good alternative.

Fully moisturise your entire body by slathering a generous coating of body lotion everywhere paying special attention to areas where skin is thin or dry such as ankles, knees and elbows.

PROTECT delicate areas like nail beds, hairlines, knees, ankles and elbows with Vaseline before starting to apply any self tanning cream

PATIENCE and a systematic approach is key.  Ensure you apply equal amounts of tanning lotion to similar parts of your body and cover those areas one after the other.   Don’t do one side of your body and then the other.  Pay special attention to areas that are difficult to reach, especially that awkward middle part of your back.

A BackBliss back lotion applicator is an ingenious invention that was first launched it in 2003.  BackBliss’s clever construction of applicator handle and head moving together means that the product moulds to the contours of an individual’s back.

A BackBliss applicator is also great for applying cream to the lower parts and backs of legs.  Needless to say a BackBliss is useful to use on holiday with sun tan lotions and for the full body  moisturising stage of your self-tan regime.

Another great way to cover your body evenly is to use not one, but two self tanning mitts, one for each hand.  Self tanning mitts have a non-permeable membrane on the inside so your hands won’t stain and by using a mitt on each hand you increase the surface area in contact with your body and get the job done quickly.

Leave 10 minutes before getting dressed and then only wear loose, dark clothing.  The perfect time to tan-up is just before bed.

PREVENT blotches of dark tan by correcting any tanning mistakes.  There are tan correctors on the market however after your tan has developed try gently rubbing any areas with a dry face cloth or cotton bud with a small amount of toothpaste on it.

PROLONG your new tan by buffing all over with a scrunchy in the shower followed by a daily full application of body lotion or more gradual self tan.

PARADE around, strut and pout.

By following these steps you will have an even authentic golden tan and feel amazing.

Have you blissed your back today?

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