About BackBliss

You asked. We invented. It’s back care made easy.

The big idea

A makeshift back lotion applicator crafted from a coat hanger turned into a revolutionary beauty tool.

Made in the UK

Every part of BackBliss is manufactured here in Britain by respected technicians.

Award winning

BackBliss has scooped a number of accolades for its groundbreaking patented design.

Five-star reviews

The thousands of reviews here and across Amazon and Google speak for themselves.


How it all began

Our award-winning beauty tool is a total game changer. Its ergonomic, patented design and hygienic, replaceable pads make lotion application a breeze. No more reaching, no more hassle. It’s the beauty tool you never knew you needed – and now you can’t live without. And it all started on a sandy beach in 1998…

BackBliss is the brainchild of award-winning entrepreneur, Caroline Wagstaff. A writer, illustrator and curious inventor, she was faced with the challenge of applying sun cream to her back on a beach holiday in 1998.

Frustrated at being unable to apply her sun cream with ease, she created a contraption from a coat hanger and a sponge and was later able to successfully apply after-sun back in her hotel room. Caroline spent the next few months drawing plans, discussing her invention with friends and discovering that there was indeed a need for a back lotion applicator.

Ready to make back care easy?

The story doesn’t end there…

Introducing the back scratcher

Caroline launched BackBliss in 2003 and appeared on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den, ITV’s London Tonight and went on to scoop a number of accolades and awards for her creation. And her talent doesn’t end there. Caroline has a successful greeting card range (supplied to the Royal Windsor Farm Shop in the grounds of Windsor Castle, no less), sold 10,000 copies of a book she published and had her artwork presented to Her Majesty the Queen.

In 2006, a back scratcher was launched, adding another bow to the BackBliss brand. Today, consumers can purchase both the back scratchers, back lotion applicator and sets of replacement pads – expertly crafted from the same velvet-soft, streak-free patented material as the mitts we know and love.

It’s BackBliss’s clever design, with the handle and applicator head working together that allows you to exert just the right amount of pressure to know you are fully covered. It’s both patented and design registered. BackBliss is also the only back lotion applicator to be made entirely in the UK.

If you have ever struggled to apply cream to your back, you ever need to know how to fake tan your back easily or how to get rid of spots on your back… here’s your answer.

Ready to make back care easy?

“It’s down to you” – Theo Paphitis, Dragons’ Den

In 2005, Caroline appeared on the BBC TV show Dragons’ Den and the moguls were incredibly impressed with her pitch, even stating that the talented inventor didn’t need their help, just more time and tenacity. And so, Caroline continued, inspired by their encouragement and suggestions to ‘go it alone’ albeit without their financial support. They were right!

Our story


A product designer was found
Patent was registered
Materials were specified
UK suppliers were sourced


The back lotion applicator was launched


Founder Caroline was a British Female Inventor of the Year finalist


Caroline won a Global Women’s Innovators and Inventors Network Top Ten award (GWIIN)


The back lotion applicator replacement pad packs were launched


Caroline appeared on Dragons’ Den


The back scratcher was launched in tandem with single and double packs


BackBliss started selling on Amazon


Joined Made in Britain, a community of British only manufacturers


Maintained consistency in production during the Covid-19 pandemic


Won two SME News British Made Awards


Relaunch of BackBliss brand


Most Pioneering Home Beauty Product Company, SME News British Made Awards 2021
Most innovative Lotion & Cream Applicator Company, SME News British Made Awards 2021
British Female Inventor of the Year finalist, 2003
Top 10 Global Women’s Inventors and Innovators, 2003