Sun tan or self tan ?

Many of us feel healthier and happier when we have a tan.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a sun tan or self tan. Tanning the natural way has several benefits.  A sun tan is the body’s way of protecting the skin from sunlight, but, if you overdo it you will burn and may suffer significant skin damage.  The UVB rays in sunlight boost our production of essential vitamin D, which is vital for our overall general health.  A self tan turns you brown gradually but provides no protection from the sunlight.

During either process our skin turns a brown however it is extremely important to use a good quality, broad spectrum sunscreen at regular intervals if you go out in natural sun light.

The Vitamin D product whilst sitting in the sun is important, but advocates of self tanning will argue that over exposure to sunlight outdo the benefits.  Self tan products are more and more popular as we continue to learn about the potential dangers of sunbathing.

Many people enjoy a year round tan, which is simply not possible in the UK.  Many self tan products offer additional benefits, such as anti-ageing, anti-cellulite and anti-oxidant ingredients.  So it’s possible to end up with both a natural looking tan, and skin that has the appearance of being younger, more toned and silky smooth..

Both a sun tan or a self tan have benefits, but the secret is all in the preparation.  Well exfoliated, moisturised skin will tan (in the sun or via self tan) far more evenly.

Either product should be applied evenly and methodically, working from the neck downwards.  Applying sunscreen or fake tan to your back has been made simple by the invention of the BackBliss back lotion applicator.  This innovative product allows you to put tanning lotion on your back evenly, ensuring a great result.

Maintain your confidence-boosting, year-round, golden glow by using one of the many tan-enhancing moisturisers on the market.

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