Self-Tan Back Applicator

Say goodbye to a patchy self-tan for good.

Most of us agree a tan is slimming and boosts our self-confidence.  Self-tanning sounds great in theory.  Convenient and simple, it’s a great all round year solution to achieving a healthy glow.  For some it’s an essential part of their pre-holiday regime, for others an integral part of their year round beauty regime.

Over the years self-tanning products have come on leaps and bounds but at a price. T he best products tend to be expensive although the shades have improved and can produce a very natural look.  The process is quicker too and it’s easier to achieve a streak-free finish.

But, there’s a big but.  You have no doubt found once you’re stripped off in the bathroom or bedroom, getting all-over coverage is hard to achieve on your own.  Back and side areas are hard to reach meaning your likely to get a patchy finish.  Reaching for your long-handled bath brush, in more hope than expectation, won’t work either.

You may worry less in the winter time but what about in the summer?

Well worry no more.  We’ve solved the problem of getting all over coverage of your self-tanning product:  Our Self-Tan Applicator.

Make our applicator part of your self-tanning regime for a flawless indoor tan.  Whether you use a mousse, spray, cream or lotion the clever design of our applicator guarantees a streak-free finish.

Our self-tan back applicator incorporates a long handle, pad back and pad and is designed to follow the lines of your back. T he pads are non-absorbent too, so you won’t waste any of your tanning product.  The pads are machine washable too, at up to 40 degrees.  We recommend washing them immediately after use.

Our self-tan applicators are suitable for both men and women and get rave reviews from our customers. It comes complete with a pad back, 2 pads, travel bag and free hanging hook.

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