Safe Sun Tanning

Safe sun tanning is import when we consider enjoying the summer and getting out and about.   There are some common misconceptions about sun tanning but getting a tan can be achieved safely whilst protecting our delicate skin.

Many of us consider one bottle of sun tan lotion enough for a week in the sun.  Actually, properly applied it is perfectly possible to get through a 100ml bottle in just one day.  Most people do not apply enough sun lotion to achieve the protection that they need.

It is important to consider that sun cream is as important during winter months as well as summer months.  Applying sun tan lotion all year round will protect any exposed skin from the cumulative effect of the ultraviolet radiation present in all sunlight.  Additionally, wearing a hat does not preclude wearing sun cream on your face.  Especially on an exposed area such as a beach with little shade, ultraviolent radiation can easily be reflected.

When choosing a sun protection product it is a common misconception that you just need to look at the SPF number. In the UK there is also a star rating system, with four stars being the best.  The most advanced products will be labeled ‘broad spectrum’ and these protect against both UVB and UVA rays.

Don’t believe that you are safe in the sun just because you have chosen a high factor SPF.  A product labeled 60 SPF does not provide double the protection that 30 SPF does.  In fact, the rise in protection is minimal.  It is more important to religiously follow a sunscreen application regime, covering all exposed skin on regular (two hourly) basis.

Many people who have never had sunburn, perhaps because they have a darker natural skin tone, may become falsely complacent.  However, the deep damage that is caused by UVA exposure very often does not manifest as sunburn, yet can build up over time with potentially devastating results, including skin cancer.

All skin types can get skin cancer, so it is vital to be vigilant and to familiarize yourself with the early symptoms of the disease.  Furthermore, just because you already have built up a tan does not mean that you are immune from any further skin damage.  A tan actually provides very little natural protection.  You still need to be vigilant about your sunscreen application.

To make sure that all your exposed skin completely covered, especially that notoriously difficult middle part of your back, a BackBliss back sun lotion applicator is most helpful.

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