Ointment Applicator for the Back

50 may be the new 40 but reduced mobility can strike at any age.  Back pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, cancer and general aches and pains all limit mobility.  And as we get older, old age itself presents its own mobility issues.

If you have reduced mobility you may have to rely on others for help reaching those awkward hard –to-reach parts of your body.  Whether you wish to apply your favourite moisturiser or a prescription ointment, our applicator does the trick.  It’s also suited to people living on their own, but in any situation helps you maintain your independence.

Aids for the elderly and others with reduced mobility come and go.  However a few, like our BackBliss Ointment Applicator for the Back, have stood the test of time to develop a loyal following.

Our applicator is ergonomically designed to allow you to reach even the middle of your back.  It’s easy to use and good value for money.  The single pack contains 1 handle, 2 pads, 1 pad back, 1 custom travel pouch and a free hook for hanging.  Attaching the pad pack and pad to the handle is easy.  The pads themselves are washable at 40 degrees so are designed for repeat use.  You’ll also find they don’t absorb any ointment making your cream or lotion go further.

We’ve sold more than 50,000 applicators online over the years and the vast majority of our customers are repeat buyers.  Our applicator is simply their preferred system for applying creams, lotions, ointments and moisturisers.

What do our customers say ? You can scroll through our five star reviews on our website. Here’s just a few extracts to give you a flavour of the genuine affection people feel.   “So helpful for people living on their own” says one customer. Another, “It does exactly what you want it to do”.  “Great for applying prescription cream on my back” says a third.

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