Male Grooming the perfect accessory – a back lotion applicator

The male grooming market has really taken off over the last few years and a product to help these ‘metrosexual’ men apply these potions to their bodies is the perfect accessory.  A men’s back lotion applicator to help them reach their backs for apply body lotion, sun cream and fake tan.

The boom in the male grooming market is largely due to a complete turnaround in male attitudes to presentation and looking after their appearance.  It is now perfectly acceptable for the modern man to take more interest in beauty products.

It seems likely that this new attitude has been largely driven by the obsessive interest shown by the media in all matters pertaining to physical appearance, in women and, increasingly, men.  This has resulted in the launch of a plethora of male grooming products, boosted by the increasing popularity of magazines that focus on male health and fitness.  However there is still nothing around, until now, to help apply these products.

Boosted with innovative publicity and marketing campaigns, certain brands have become instantly recognisable as ‘male’, and it is no longer out of the ordinary for men to have just as many beauty products as women.  BackBliss comes in five colours, Charcoal, Blue, Clear, Pink and Purple, and is not surprise which two colours are the most popular amongst our male customers.

The rise in certain male grooming products makes a lot of practical sense.  For example, men who do a lot of manual or outdoors work will be pretty likely to suffer from a variety of dry skin conditions.  Luckily for them, these days there is little or no stigma to a male buying and applying hand lotions or body moisturisers.

In the same way, many men are now applying products such as fake tan, and there are more and more beauty products designed specifically to appeal to men appearing all the time.  Everything from the ingredients to the packaging is designed to appeal to the male consumer.

There are also plenty of websites and blogs devoted to sharing male grooming tips, discussing everything from which moisturiser to buy, dealing with problem skin or to how to apply fake tan successfully.  An often repeated fake tan tip is to get male lotion applied to your own back by using specially designed applicator such as a BackBliss which comes is male-friendly colours such as black and blue.

Men are certainly becoming more confident when it comes to their looks and how to get the very best from them. Indeed, the reality is that just many men as women suffer from beauty woes, including anything from acne or bacne to eczema, only now is it seen as acceptable for them to seize the initiative and find a solution for themselves.

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