How To Scratch An Itchy Back

As ailments go, there is little more frustrating that an itchy back.  Having to scratch an itchy back might seem like quite a trivial problem, but when you have an itch that you just can’t reach, it can soon become a much more annoying problem.

Use The Furniture

If you’re home alone and have no one to get the itch for you, then rubbing yourself up and down against the furniture could be a way to fix this problem – although of course it’s not exactly an ideal solution !  Make sure no one is around, because you’ll look quite strange sitting on the sofa rubbing your body side to side trying to get the sofa to cure your itch for you – apparently door frames work quite well too !

Ask a Friend

Of course if you’re lucky to have someone nearby when the itch strikes then asking them to help you can be a sure fire way to deal with an itchy back too.  The problem with this is that when someone else is scratching you the item seems to move around and so you’ll have to give them instructions such as ‘left a bit’, ‘up a bit’ until they hit the spot.

Got A Hair Brush?

It’s not ideal, but if you have a hair brush near by then you can try to reach the spot with this although be careful not to scratch too hard or you’ll do yourself some damage !


Of course, you could always push the boat out and buy something that is actually designed for an itchy back problem. As the name suggests, a back scratcher works perfect for scratching backs and are often a really cost effective way of never having to put up with an itch you can’t scratch again !

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