How to Apply Cream on Your Back

Many of us find it difficult to reach all areas of our back easily to apply a cream or lotion but especially so if we are afflicted by any medical condition that makes stretching and bending more difficult.  Just ask anyone who has suffered with a sunburnt back and who’s struggled with how to apply sun cream to their backs and now needs to relieve that redness with a cooling and soothing aftersun lotion.  However, people suffering from health conditions requiring the application of prescription or non-prescription cream or lotion can find this particularly problematic.

At BackBliss we understand situations like these and that’s why sell a back cream applicator specifically to address this problem.


Applying any cream to your back with the BackBliss applicator makes the process straightforward and ensures complete coverage.  The applicator handle is curved to match the shape of your back and follows your back contours to allow easy access to all of your back.  The soft pad on the head of the applicator doesn’t absorb masses up your cream and because these are washable they are hygienic and easy to care for.  A spare replacement pad is included with single-pack back applicator.

Since launching the applicator nearly 20 years ago, we’re proud to have helped more than 100,000 people care for their back!  Don’t just take our word for it, check out the product’s reviews from our enthusiastic customers – they swear by it.

Our applicator spent years in development and was only launched when its inventor was entirely happy with the product. BackBliss promises that their back applicator it will help you reach more areas of your back than any other applicator.  Whether you use it as a body lotion applicator or as a prescription cream to combat the effects of a medical condition, we think you’ll be thrilled with your purchase. Its use has made a huge difference in the lives of many of our customers.

How to apply cream on your back

Using the applicator is straightforward.  Just squeeze or squirt your chosen cream onto the sponge of the applicator and reach over your shoulder to your back.  It doesn’t matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed, BackBliss works brilliantly either way.   Once you have covered your upper back, shoulders, and neck you can adopt the under-arm technique to reach your lower and traditionally difficult-to-reach ‘small’ of your back. We guarantee you’ll be able to reach all parts of your neck and back without the turmoil of having to ask someone else to help you.

Applicators are available in six colours: Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Pink, and Purple.  Our single back cream applicator comes in a travel pouch in case you need to take it away with you on holiday or business, or to the spa, gym, or pool, and has one spare pad.

Double applicator packs are also available as well as DUO packs that contain one lotion applicator and one of our famous back scratchers.



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