How can I put cream on my back?

There’s no denying that applying a cream to your back can be tricky. Sometimes you just don’t want to ask a stranger for help, or your kids/partner or friends are not around or perhaps you are along in your bathroom at home, in the garden or at a tanning salon.

No matter what your body shape, or how bendy you are, there are just some spots like your back that are awkward to reach on your own. The cry of ‘how can I put cream on my back?!’ echoes around the land.

In this day and age, it is essential to apply sufficient sun protection to your back and all over to avoid such nasties as skin cancer, premature aging, sunspots and a whole myriad of other problems. And it’s not just sun cream that we need to worry about. Applying moisturizer, fake tan, topical prescription creams all lead to the same problem. But how reach that elusive back area?

There are many contraptions on the market that claim to be able to rub lotion into your back – some with rollerballs, rollers or sponges. The only problem with these is that while you may be able to reach the back, the action to rub in and smooth cream or lotion over your skin is somewhat hit and miss, particularly along the spine and other bony areas.

The one thing that you do not want is patchy results.

There are several tales of people attempting to design their own back lotion applicator by attaching a sponge to a ruler or back scratcher, or even a long wooden spoon. This enables the user to reach their back, but the sponge tends to absorb all of the precious (and often expensive) creams or lotions, so while the sponge will be beautifully soft / well-tanned / pain-free, your back may not.

Ultimately, the best method of applying the required product to your back is with the cleverly designed BackBliss cream or lotion applicator. The beauty of the BackBliss is that it not only applies the product to that impossible to reach the middle back area, but its clever patented design actually allows the user to feel what they are doing, thus enabling them to properly and thoroughly rub the product into their skin.


Now those of us that have pleaded ‘How can I put cream on my back?’ have the answer. Invest in a BackBliss cream applicator and the problem is solved. Job done. Hurrah!


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