Don’t Have A Back Scratcher Handy ? Alternatives You’ll Find Around The Home

There is probably nothing more annoying that an itch you just can’t scratch.  Most of the time we’re lucky that any itches that happen on our body, we can reach and within seconds they are relieved.  The problem comes when the itchiness is in an area we can’t reach, because then it comes a real frustration !  Of course, you might be lucky enough to have someone around that can help you out.

We have probably all felt that joy when someone scratches our back for us and relieves us of the itch that has been annoying us for so long !  However, itches don’t like to come and go as and when we would like them – and in fact if no one is around then that is probably when you are likely to get an itchy back (no scientific fact to back this up !).

Fixing The Problem of an Itchy Back

Of course, we would recommend that you invest in a high quality back scratcher like the ones that we have on offer here. There is probably nothing that helps with back scratching as much as the products that we offer, but we know that if you have an itchy back RIGHT NOW a product on mail order from us isn’t much use, so what can you do ?

It isn’t ideal, but there are a number of products around your home that you can use to itch your back.  Just be careful when you use these as they could damage or cut your skin and of course that is something that you want to avoid.

Don’t Have A Back Scratcher Handy ? Items you can use include:

– Table Fork
– Jarrah stick
– Comb
– Spatula
– Hair brush
– Candle Lighter
– Wooden spoon
– Spaghetti server
– Coat hanger
– Scissors
– Knitting needle
– Letter opener
– Washing up brush

The good news is that these are all items that we’re likely to have around the home, so finding something to use as an emergency back scratcher should not be too much of a problem! However, make sure that next time you aren’t trying to find a table fork to use or scratching yourself with a knitting needle by investing in one of our back scratches today.

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