Does your back itch more in the winter?

The winter months can play havoc with our skin.  Less humidity in the air plus lower temperatures can lead to dry, itchy, scaly skin, even for those of us not prone to conditions such as eczema.

Often referred to as ‘winter itch’, the main cause of these uncomfortable symptoms is skin that is lacking in essential moisture.  Luckily, there are several simple ways to ensure that our skin in winter is a healthy and supple as during any other season of the year.

Our skin is highly absorbent, so it makes sense to choose the lotions and moisturisers we treat it with with care. After all, the skin is or largest organ and deserves to be indulged, particularly during the long winter months.

An inside out approach can help with skin condition.  Watching our diets and eating a balanced diet will certainly have a positive effect.  Omega fats are particularly beneficial to skin condition.  This is because they help to regularise skin fat levels and stop cells dehydrating.  Eating plenty of fresh (preferably organic) fruits and vegetables helps the body detox, while giving it an injection of nutrients that contribute to healthy, glowing skin.

As far as possible, try to steer clear of processed foods, grain and sugars as these can contribute to sluggish skin. Drinking enough water is something a lot of us will forget to do during winter, when we are not generally sweating enough for a natural thirst to develop.  However, staying hydrated is really important, so make sure you are drinking enough fluids.

Treating the surface of your skin is also essential when it comes to keeping it looking its best during the colder months.  Removing any flaking or dry skin will reveal healthier, more glowing skin underneath.  Dry skin brushing can help accomplish this, or try a gentle, preferably natural, body exfoliator which you should apply all over.

A BackBliss dry skin applicator used in conjunction with an exfoliator will help to get a perfectly smooth back.  After a shower to remove the product, your body will be in a prime receptive state to receive a moisture boost.  Coconut oil is perfect for this purpose as it is easily absorbed and very nourishing.  Remember to apply all over your body, not forgetting the often neglected back area.  Again a BackBliss dry skin back ,applicator will ensure that your back is evenly covered with your chosen comforting balm.

Dry itchy skin does not have to be something we put up with every winter.  Following a simple skin routine every day can completely eradicate the problem, and has the additional benefit of making us fell both pampered and relaxed.


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