Buying A Back Scratcher For Christmas ? When Is A Back Scratcher No Good ?

Why not consider a back scratcher if you’re looking for a practical, affordable present to give a loved one?

No one wants to put up with an itchy back and the fact of the matter is that there isn’t always someone around to help scratch it !  So, by giving someone a back scratcher this Christmas you can help to make sure that an itchy back is a thing of the past for them.


These days, most of the products that we go to buy have a choice of types, brands and retailers to buy from and back scratchers are no exception.  As a back scratcher can seem like a relatively simply contraption it can seem like this is something that you don’t need to splash out on and instead can go for something cheap !

However, what you will find is that not all of these back scratchers work as well as they claim.

The best thing you can do is research all of your options and make sure that whatever you invest in is the right choice.

A lot of the cheaper back scratchers tend to have novelty features such as pouches that you don’t need or a scratcher end that is in the shape of a hand or claw.  These are not needed and in fact the scratcher end won’t be any good at it if it is a solid plastic hand/claw as you really need something that can work into your back.

Thankfully when it comes to buying a back scratcher for Christmas there is only one that has 113 scratching cones to deliver an itch busting scratch ! Look no further, the BackBliss Back Scratcher.  Invented and made in the UK, with the product’s inventor, Caroline Wagstaff, appearing on Dragons’ Den way back in 2003.

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