Buy Your Man a Back Scratcher This Christmas – he’ll ooh and arh !!!!

At first glance buying a back scratcher as a Christmas present might not seem like the most exciting present you can buy, but you can be sure that your man will thank you for it.

With Christmas fast approaching now is the time to start thinking about what we’re going to buy our loved ones.  As much as big, extravagant gifts can be lovely it is sometimes smaller stocking filler type items that mean the most.

Have you ever been sat down for the evening only for your man to start moving around on the sofa trying to scratch their own back by rubbing it against the sofa cushions – awful! By investing in a back scratcher you can avoid them ever having to do this again, because they’ll have the tool they need to deal with their own itchy skin !


Picture the scene – you have cooked a massive Christmas dinner for the whole family and now you’re all relaxing catching up on the Christmas soaps and the Queens speech.  Suddenly your fella starts to moan that his back is itchy and wants you to give it a little scratch for him – despite the fact you have worked hard in the kitchen all day !

Rather than let him suffer you can simply surprise him with a back scratcher that you have bought especially for him and tell him to scratch his own back !  You’ll be happy because you can simply sit back and relax and he’ll be in bliss because he’ll be able to reach those hard to reach itchy back areas that we all hate – it’s a win win situation !

So… if you’re looking for an unusual Christmas present for a loved one, why not consider a BackBliss back scratcher this year?

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