BackBliss Replacement Pad Development & Manufacture

One of the things that we are most proud of here at BackBliss is our lotion applicators and the materials these are made from. When Caroline first decided to create the lotion applicators in 2001, she wanted to make something that stood out from the rest of the market and exceed customers expectations. The truth is that lotion applicators were nothing new, but none of the ones she road tested seemed to hit the mark when she tried them.

The replacement pads were an important aspect of the whole product. So, instead of rushing out and just using a sponge, she spent time researching different options in order to find something that matched customers needs perfectly. These lotion applicators are designed to do a specific job and she wanted it to be a job that they did well.

One of things you’ll notice when you use the lotion applicator with their bespoke replacement pads and just how lovely they feel. The material used for these is not only practical for the job at hand but they create a pleasurable experience when you are rubbing the cream in which is hard to beat!

The replacement pads themselves are made from a foam with a flocked surface – a process that is used in many standard household items. However, it goes deeper than that because the foam surface is created and passed through a machine to create an electrostatic charge – once the fibres are stood up thanks to this charge they are dropped into the glue. This gives the most coverage possible and ensures that the BackBliss Replacement Pads are as comfortable against the skin as possible.

This flocking process is used in lots of general cosmetic applications – such as eye shadow applicators which are renowned for being soft and gentle to the skin. This process allows the pads to be soft and smooth to use, but also ensure that they don’t soak up too much of the lotion – so that you get a nice even and generous covering on your skin, perfect !

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