Are you a chronic Sciatica sufferer ?

Are you a chronic Sciatica sufferer ?  Sciatica, of course, takes its name from the Sciatic nerve which runs down the body from the hips through the buttocks, right down to the feet. It’s the largest nerve in the body.  When it’s irritated or compressed in some way it causes various degrees of pain.

Facts about Sciatica

Sciatica can be chronic or acute.  Does your Sciatica interfere with day to day living ?  The most common cause of Sciatica is a slipped disc.  Less common causes include infection or injury to the spine.  Many cases of Sciatica go away by themselves without the need for treatment.  However if you’re reading this you may be a chronic sufferer.  If that’s the case you’re likely to have your own treatment regime in place.  This might be a combination of painkillers, physiotherapy and exercise and corticosteroids.  While pain management might help, it’s likely you suffer from reduced mobility for at least part of the time.


Sciatica symptoms include lower back pain and severe pain in the legs.  You may find your pain or discomfort reduces when you lie down or walk.  This is fairly typical.  The pain you experience might be described as “sharp” or alternatively you may experience a pins and needles type of sensation down the leg.

Effect on Lifestyle

There’s no mistaking Sciatica can be debilitating.  Because there are no outward symptoms it can be difficult for others to appreciate your level of discomfort.  Do you find stretching and bending difficult ?

Perhaps you have good days and bad days. I f reduced mobility means big things are hard to achieve it makes the small daily tasks more important.  Your personal care regime can boost your sense of wellbeing.  A simple task such as applying lotion to your back can be painful.  But there are medical devices that can help.

Medical Aids for Sciatica Suffers

Our Medical Cream Back Applicator enables you to apply ointment, cream or even plain old moisturiser to all areas of your neck and back or legs.  If your Sciatica impedes stretching this is something worth giving a go.  Designed around the human form, our back cream applicators do what it says on the tin and more. If only there were solutions like this for all of life’s awkward problems !

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