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Apply tanning lotion correctly for an even sun tan

Sunscreens are very beneficial but if you do not apply tanning lotion correctly the effects are lessened.  Failing to do this leads to premature ageing, sunburn, and even skin cancer.

Apply tanning lotion correctly

No sunscreen can block 100% of ultraviolet rays, but sunburn can result from failure to apply tanning lotion correctly. Dermatologists will tell you that hardly any of us are following the correct instructions to apply tanning lotion they see a lot of skin damage as a result of this.   Following the correct tanning lotion process is easy and takes few moments.

With sunscreen application, more is more.  Use a least a teaspoon sized amount (of SPF 25 or above) on your face, and much more product on your body.

Apply tanning lotion at least 20 minutes before venturing outside.  The active chemicals in the sun lion need time to be fully absorbed into your skin before they start to work.  Make sure you are methodical.  Start at the neck and work down, covering all exposed skin thoroughly.  Often missed areas include the ears, hairline and parting and the feet. Consider investing in a BackBliss sun tan lotion back applicator to make sure this vulnerable area is totally protected.

Reapply your sunscreen frequently, at least every two hours.  Ironically, sunlight makes the active ingredients in most sun protection products unstable, which means you have to keep topping up to stay protected.  If you are in hot temperatures, you may sweat which will lessen the effectiveness of sunscreen, and if you are swimming you should reapply as soon as you get out of the water, even if you are using a product labeled ‘water resistant’.

Get into the habit of applying sunscreen daily and be aware of incidental and casual sun exposure whilst walking to work on a bright morning or driving along with your window down.

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