BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator Double Clear/Black

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Introducing the BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator set. This double pack features not one, but two of the groundbreaking gadgets for the application of sun cream, fake tan and medicated lotions.

The award-winning back lotion applicator – as featured on Dragons’ Den – has been expertly designed with the contours of your back in mind, so you can master those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

This popular gift set features our chic black BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator and the ever popular minimalist clear design.

The long, easy-grip handle on each body lotion applicator has a textured surface so it won’t slip during use, even when wet. Keep them in the handy travel pouch so you can transport one or both of them to the gym, the beach – or keep them neat at home.

Long gone are the days of struggling with self tan streaks, reaching awkwardly to apply cream to areas of dry skin on the back, or neglecting full-body exfoliation.

Our tools are super-hygienic, too – we’ve made the pads replaceable so that your back cream applicators last a lifetime.

The BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator is manufactured entirely in the UK and BackBliss is a Made In Britain member.

* Minimalist clear handle
* Sleek black handle
* Textured, non-slip
* Recommended by doctors and dermatologists
* Ergonomically designed to reach all areas
* Replacement pads available
* Comes in a reusable travel pouch

Colour: Clear/Black
  • Get Smooth, Hydrated Skin with the Pink and Blue Back Lotion Applicator Double Pack by BackBliss
  • BackBliss Pink and Purple Back Lotion Applicators: The Easy Way to Apply Lotion to Your Back (2 Pack)

Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 310 × 65 × 15 cm


89 reviews for BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator Double Clear/Black

  1. Hazel C.

    Certainly better than nothing – and better than most on the market – but needs to have a sturdier handle and grip. Also the “plugs” on the lotion pads do not lie flat.

  2. Jill C.

    I bought these for my Dad as he was having some difficulty applying sun lotion/moisturiser on himself. He said that they are great

  3. karen k.

    No good for oil application

  4. Unknown

    No more getting sun burnt on my back. It is so easy now to apply sun cream to my back. I would definitely recommend this product.

  5. Unknown

    Reaches every part others cant

  6. Cherie

    This is a must for holiday sun creams and for daily skin care. Easy to use with perfect results.

  7. Mary Anderson

    its been extremely useful reaching part of my back i was unable to reach i would recommend it to friends and relatives thanks for sending it so fast.

  8. Unknown

    Very good I have been looking for one of these for a long time many thanks.

  9. Unknown

    Wonderful ! At last something that works. So easy to use. Thank you….

  10. Unknown

    Great product completely solved the back moisturising problem it is well made,robust and easy clean. I would totally recommend the product as well as suggesting buying direct from the Backbliss website as it is easy, safe and delivery is super fast[…]

  11. Unknown

    I have bought this excellent product before so I wanted to buy for my Mum who struggles to reach applying body lotion to her back, and my teenage son whose back needs regular scrubbing.

  12. Unknown

    I have used this product in the past and found it so easy to reach areas I struggle with. My old one broke and I hadn’t renewed it prior to my recent holiday, how I missed it! Not much tan on back as not enough suncream on. However I ordered replacement on Saturday and arrived today (Tuesday) now ready for next time. Will use 2nd applicator for moisturiser. Great product and great service. Thankyou.

  13. S M C.

    I have used this product for years, probably since shortly after it was first launched. I use it every single day to apply a medicated cream to my back. Without the applicator that would be very difficult. The applicator usually lasts about two years before the handle begins to show signs of cracking and always in the same place. I guess that is simply because of pressure , in the same place with the daily use of this item .
    I definitely could not manage without this applicator. I have passed details to my local pharmacist in case there is anyone else in the area who might benefit from having one of these lotion applicators.
    I also have to say how pleased I am with your incredibly rapid delivery of my order.

  14. Carine

    I have been using the back bliss applicator on a daily basis for at least 6 years as I suffer from eczema on my back.The foam applicator is well designed and doesn’t absorb my cream but rather helps to spread it around. The foam pad lasts for ages and doesn’t peel off during use, even after washing.The handle is the right length to reach all parts if my back without being too cumbersome. The handle is quite sturdy but tends to crack and eventually break in the middle but this only happens after roughly 2 years of daily use.Overall a well designed, well built product that I would highly recommend.

  15. Cherry

    I have owned two of these for some years and have finally had to replace them. They are such a simple but effective design. I use one for sunscreen, and one for body lotion/tan accelerator etc. They are easy to wash, and the slightly curved handle is perfect for reaching the back and sides. Would thoroughly recommend.

  16. Unknown

    i find your applicators excellent, especially for people who do not have quite the agility and movement of youth. I always travel with 2 (body lotion and sun cream/mozzie repellant), and have given many to friends as gifts, once they have seen mine.

  17. Unknown

    Thanks for sending me my second order all good as befor. Michael

  18. Unknown


  19. Unknown

    Used a Body Baster since they launched over 10yrs ago. Just broke the handle accidentally but bought twin pack to guve one to a friend. Wonderful product -))

  20. Unknown

    No more struggling with applying lotions on one’s back. The applicator is a must for holidays.

  21. Trish

    As someone who has the most sensitive skin known to humankind, I put my P20 on with this and didn’t get burnt. In Turkey (35 degrees!!) The only slight issue for me was that the pad flew off a couple of times, but that was maybe me just being heavy handed with it. There’s probably not much else to say really, other than I am very happy with the product.

  22. Unknown

    Has not arrived to my address in Australia as yet

  23. John

    I bought BackBliss as an applicator for sun lotion and aftersun, and it has worked excellently. For the first time in many years my back did not get burnt after losing track of time. The only improvement I can suggest is that washing it does not remove every particle of beach sand.

  24. Unknown

    Seems very expensive for what it is and I would agree with others who say it needs to be longer. If you have any problems reaching your arm up your back, you are going to struggle with this. Having said that, it is not too bad for rubbing in lotions, a bigger pad size would also be very helpful

  25. christopher

    Found it easy to use and keep clean , ideal for anyone who lives alone and needs to apply medicated cream

  26. Erniegee

    The applicator is fine for the areas I can reach. However as stated by other users I find the handle is a bit too short for me as I am 90 and disabled – I was aware of length when ordered. I had previously used a long handled shoehorn previous to this (worked fine) and the extra length proved invaluable. I found the extra length invaluable. It may be that I can extend your handle or you may produce an adapter but until then with a combination of both I can get by. Still 4 star rating though

  27. Unknown

    Have not found this easy to use as it’s not long enough. Another 3 inches would make all the difference. BACKBLISS: thanks for your feedback. I do try and make the measures of the product quite clear!

  28. Unknown

    Product is superb, well priced & the delivery so was so quick – the day after it was ordered.

  29. Siobhan Stewart

    Using the applicator to apply body lotion to the very dry skin on my back is wonderful. With the nice long handle I am able to reach all the hard to get at parts of my back. The relief from the itching is just wonderful. Great service as well, the products arrived the next through my letterbox a bonus.

  30. Unknown

    After trying several different version from other companies, these are the best out there. My elderly mother rates them very highly

  31. Heather

    At last! An Applicator which I can use to reach my back. I have a totally non functioning right shoulder following an injury and have been searching for quite some time to find something I could use to apply lotion to the parts of my back I can no longer reach. This system is marvellous, as I can now use my good arm to reach all the parts of my back. I am independent again with regard to maintenance of an otherwise enormously itchy back. Thank you Backbliss and thank you English Woman’s Weekly for the article that allowed me to find your product.

  32. Lesley

    Had been looking for something like this for ages, a brilliant bit of kit, now have nicely moisturised back – its also brilliant for putting freezer cream on aching back without waiting for husband to come home from work.

  33. Jill Bardy

    I bought the duo pack, one for applying suncream & the other for aftersun/body lotion. I am very impressed with the product, the applicators work very well indeed, spreading the cream or lotion evenly.My only comment is that the handle could be a bit longer. I find I have to manoeuvre about with both hands from different angles to fully cover my back. Overall though I am delighted & have even “shared” on Facebook!

  34. Harriet Green

    I was getting breakouts on my back as the skin was drying out from not being moisturized. I found the backbliss on the internet and after one week of using it my back completely cleared up. it’s a fantastic product. My only one change would be that it needs to be a little longer as I have limited motion in my right shoulder and therefore a little more length would make reaching my back a little easier.

  35. Karen

    I have used a this product formerly called the Bodybaster for years and have not been able to purchase the replacement pads so I was delighted when I found it on the internet. It is however a bit chunky and could do with being a bit longer but is certainly better than nothing. BACKBLISS: the lotion applicator needs to be ‘chunky’ as this is the part that flexes to the contours of your back. Other lotion applicators don’t flex!

  36. Unknown

    The applicator is very easy to use. However, I found the handle a little too short for my needs as I don’t have long arms. BACKBLISS: the handle has been designed so that 80% of the population should be able to use it with ease, thanks for your comments all the same!

  37. Sue L

    Travelling alone found them invaluable when on holiday in Gran Canaria recently used for suncream and aftersun lotion.

  38. Caroline Pullock

    Only been using this for a few days but I love it. My back loves it as well!

  39. Unknown

    Absolutely brilliant product, helps get lotion in all those hard to reach places especially when your shoulders are hurting and you aren’t as flexible as you used to be.

  40. Unknown

    Only got 4 stars as although good and does the job, I did struggle reaching parts of my back due to stiffness issues with arms being bent backwards, and think it would benefit from being longer for this reason. Good idea though.

  41. Jill

    Excellent product! Second one that I have bought. Previous product lasted 5 years. Wouldn’t be without it on holiday and at home. Really easy to get replacement parts.

  42. Unknown

    excellent product. speedy delivery

  43. Unknown

    Ideal product – although handle could do to be a bit longer.

  44. Unknown

    Does exactly what it says on the tin!

  45. Della Ryness-Hirsch

    I bought two sets of the cream applicators; I have kept one aside to take to France to use for suncream but the set we have kept in London are excellent. It is very difficult to put cream onto one’s back and this solves the problem. Telling my son about them yesterday, he has asked me to send him a set. Only complaint is that the colours are somewhat restrictive and perhaps a clear or white could be introduced and perhaps a gentle turquoise?

  46. Jan

    Now travelling alone as widowed I realised I could not apply sun lotion properly on my back. Googled that question and voila!this product came up. Ordered the double because I love purple and also thought I might need to apply other lotions. Took it on next holiday and it is brilliant- does the job wonderfully. Thank you so much.

  47. Unknown

    The lotion applicater. Have been using it for years and recommend to friends, especially those who are single.

  48. Pat

    These lotion applicators are so useful for people living on their own. I bought the double pack to have one for moisturiser and one for sun cream. They do the job very well. Highly recommended.

  49. Mrs G

    I bought these to put various creams on my back, you know, the bits you can’t quite reach. I have atopic eczema so continual moisturising is a priority. Usually my husband helps but he’s really ill and I don’t like to disturb him if he’s resting. I also like that they can be washed and come in nice bright ‘girly’ colours.

  50. Unknown

    I notice that the latest design is slightly different from the one I had previously, which has lasted for at least 3 years of thrice-weekly usage, after swimming. it broke- split about 10 cm from the bottom of the shaft,but the new design looks thicker at that point. I love the fact that even the stick-on pads can be cleaned in hot soapy water, and the adhesive is long-lasting. At least 2 people have asked where I got my Backbliss from, and have gone on to order, I know. great product.

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