BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator Double Clear/Black

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Introducing the BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator set. This double pack features not one, but two of the groundbreaking gadgets for the application of sun cream, fake tan and medicated lotions.

The award-winning back lotion applicator – as featured on Dragons’ Den – has been expertly designed with the contours of your back in mind, so you can master those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

This popular gift set features our chic black BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator and the ever popular minimalist clear design.

The long, easy-grip handle on each body lotion applicator has a textured surface so it won’t slip during use, even when wet. Keep them in the handy travel pouch so you can transport one or both of them to the gym, the beach – or keep them neat at home.

Long gone are the days of struggling with self tan streaks, reaching awkwardly to apply cream to areas of dry skin on the back, or neglecting full-body exfoliation.

Our tools are super-hygienic, too – we’ve made the pads replaceable so that your back cream applicators last a lifetime.

The BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator is manufactured entirely in the UK and BackBliss is a Made In Britain member.

* Minimalist clear handle
* Sleek black handle
* Textured, non-slip
* Recommended by doctors and dermatologists
* Ergonomically designed to reach all areas
* Replacement pads available
* Comes in a reusable travel pouch

Colour: Clear/Black
  • Get Smooth, Hydrated Skin with the Pink and Blue Back Lotion Applicator Double Pack by BackBliss
  • BackBliss Pink and Purple Back Lotion Applicators: The Easy Way to Apply Lotion to Your Back (2 Pack)

Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 310 × 65 × 15 cm


89 reviews for BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator Double Clear/Black

  1. David Edge

    This is a great product; easy to use and easy to keep clean. I have two of them because I need to apply two different ointments at the same time but in a specific order. I wouldn’t be without it.

  2. Sue B.

    I bought one of the Lotion Applicators ages ago for myself, it was so great I got one for my Sister. When I used mine on holiday this year a friend asked me to order her one, then another friend asked me to get her one as well. Both friends are so so pleased with theirs, in fact one of them then got one for her Daughter. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  3. Fiona C.

    this is my second purchase as unfortunately my old one snapped in half in my luggage on my return from last holiday. (my fault and due to holdall not being full enough to support something of this length). As I travel on my own this is wonderful for ensuring I don’t get burnt on my back! would recommend to all solo travellers.

  4. Lynn B.

    I bought a double pack 1 for my Mother and one for me. Perfect for applying moisturizer.

  5. colin b.

    The handle could be more user friendly,it could be better shaped and save money in the manufactuee

  6. Pam G.

    I could not find another item like this and I was happy that you could ship it to me i9n Canada. It is a great product.Thanks!

  7. Karen A.

    It is perfect for the solo traveller to use to apply sun cream to your back.

  8. Stephen M.

    Generally very positive with this, but one of the two new ones I got snapped while transporting it in my bag yo the beach! The black one is now half the length it should be, which is very frustrating. Can I suggest using a more durable plastic!

  9. Mr R.

    very good i went on holiday on my own it was a good send putting the sun cream on easy to use you can feel where you have been much easier the it looked

  10. Dee N.

    Such a simple idea but perfectly shaped for applying lotion all over the back. Excellent!

  11. SHEILA C.


  12. Robert W.

    I have bought many of these items from you over a number of years. The reason for my regular purchases is that they all snap in two pieces. I use the products twice daily everyday to apply prescribed cream so probably more than average use. As they appeared to always break in the same place I kept a broken piece to compare when the next broke. Not only was it in the same place it was EXACTLY in the same place. I can piece together the broken part from one to another and am unable to tell they at from different items (other than the different colours). The breaks match so exactly that it would need a microscope to differentiate the breaks. I keep buying them knowing there is a design fault as I could not manage to apply cream to my back without your product.

  13. Unknown

    Using to apply a heavy medicinal ointment. the curved plastic head pops out … you may consider a version with a fixed head or a lock. BACKBLISS – the head should stay fixed in place, please do check that the lugs have clicked into place over the little notches in the hole. I would be happy to talk through this with you on the phone, but unfortunately I cannot see who you are to give you a ring. Thanks for your feedback and for taking the time to responds. Kind regards, Caroline

  14. Peepbo

    Repurchased as have used these before and find they are excellent for those impossible to reach spots on the back. Ideal for those who have no one to help them out. Would and have thoroughly recommended them

  15. Unknown

    Works fine. Would improve if it were a bit longer

  16. Unknown

    One of the better on the market but could be firmer. Fairly flimsy – and would like it slightly longer

    Removable pads are a good idea.

  17. Unknown

    One of the better on the market but could be firmer. Fairly flimsy – and would like it slightly longer. Removable pads are a good idea.

  18. Unknown

    Works perfectly. Easy to use.

  19. Unknown

    What I have written above and really great for keeping you back moisturised.

  20. Sue Mashmoor

    As a senior citizen, and also suffering with a frozen shoulder, I have found BackBliss to be the best thing since “sliced bread”. it is very sturdy and shaped perfectly, so 10/10 to Caroline Wagstaff for filling a niche in the market. I, also, have been using the applicators for at least 10 years and eventually they do break, but not before several years of daily use.

  21. Katy

    It has been good and does what I need it to do. As the handle is p,attic/ melamine then when you have remnants of cream/ lotion on your hands then it does get slippery. I haven’t changed the pads yet so I can’t comment about that yet. But overall good and I probably will buy more when the time comes.

  22. S M C.

    I have used this product for years, probably since shortly after it was first launched. I use it every single day to apply a medicated cream to my back. Without the applicator that would be very difficult. The applicator usually lasts about two years before the handle begins to show signs of cracking and always in the same place. I guess that is simply because of pressure , in the same place with the daily use of this item. I definitely could not manage without this applicator. I have passed details to my local pharmacist in case there is anyone else in the area who might benefit from having one of these lotion applicators. I also have to say how pleased I am with your incredibly rapid delivery of my order.

  23. Unknown

    Thanks Caroline what a good and well made product that solves the problems of applying any lotions yourself. I did have a concern regarding the length of the handle thinking it look a bit short on your advertisement but it ok now having used it, it’s

  24. Derrick

    You don’t have to be a contortionist any more, BackBliss will reach the remotest places. A rinse under warm water with a squeeze and the pads will stay in good condition.

  25. Helen

    I had one of these years ago and it broke. I wish I’d replaced it sooner as I could have used it on holiday. It’s great for lotion, aftersun and once your home mosturiser. It helps to spread lotion evenly and doesn’t leave too much excess cream that your clothes stick to you. Great product.

  26. Unknown

    My previous ones snapped – I do use mine twice a day 365 days a year. Cannot manage without this product so was very pleased how quickly you sent my order. I found I now have to buy 2 not 1 as previously . I mentioned my use of your product to the he

  27. Robert Y.

    very pleased with this product could have done with it 2” longer as it is roe use on my legs more than the back but otherwise full marks for your product

  28. Unknown

    I bought this item for my son for Christmas and he’s told me several times now how good it is.

  29. Unknown

    I first bought one of these products when they were stocked by Lakeland over 10 years ago. I used it every day to administer moisturizer after my shower as I used suffer from terribly itchy and dry skin. No any more!

  30. Unknown

    I have been a customer for many years & use the lotion applicator every day after showering. It means I can put lotion onto my back – without having to ask my husband to help! Even bought one as a gift for my elderly aunt. Hope the company continues

  31. Unknown

    very pleased with the cream applicator as i can put cream in places on my back that i can’t reach.bye

  32. Cherry

    I have owned two of these for some years and have finally had to replace them. They are such a simple but effective design. I use one for sunscreen, and one for body lotion/tan accelerator etc. They are easy to wash, and the slightly curved handle is perfect for reaching the back and sides.

    Would thoroughly recommend.

  33. Unknown

    This is a great product and very reasonably prices considering that I have to use it twice a day.

  34. Joanna N.

    BackBliss is the answer to my problems, not to get an even suntan–though I’m sure that would be good. But for the eczema on my lower legs. I’ve tried every other cream applicator on the market, and nothing has helped me–my spine is fused and I can

  35. Unknown

    Arrived safely and as advertised. The lotion applicator is vital for me to rub skin creams onto my back and this device is perfect for the job. Being a two pack you have a spare applicator plus a replacement pad. I recommend this product.

  36. Hazel

    After booking my first holiday as a singleton, I quickly realised going to a sunny climate I was running the risk of a brown tanned front and a red back, having read recent reviews I decided to take the plunge and sent for the double pack. I was not disappointed and having a trial run I can say honestly it all went smoothly (on my back that is) and now having the double pack I can put tanning lotion on with one and then aftersun with the other….I have already passed this news onto family and friends…problem solved….

  37. Unknown

    I bought some of the lotion applicators and spare pads years ago and take them on every holiday. I have a bad shoulder,so my backbliss makes putting suncream on my back much easier. Just bought 2 more as my others are getting a bit old now. I woul

  38. Unknown

    I have been using your Backbliss Lotion applicators almost since you first invented them. Such a brilliant idea as I need to apply prescription cream to my back every day. Without the applicator that would be a very difficult job indeed! So good is i

  39. Unknown

    I have used Back Bliss for some time now, it was recommended to me by a friend. It makes putting sun tan lotion and moisturiser on those hard to reach areas of your back easy, as a single traveller the Back Bliss is a must, I wouldn’t be without it.

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