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Famous Faces

Adam Hart Davis, Trevor Bayliss & Anne Diamond with Caroline Wagstaff, Inventor of award winning Back Lotion & Cream Applicator, BackBliss

Adam Hart Davis, Author, Radio and TV Presenter giving Caroline Wagstaff some advice during the British Inventon Show at the Barbican, London.
Trevor Bayliss OBE, Inventor of the Clockwork Radio with Caroline Wagstaff, Inventor of the BackBliss Lotion Applicator during the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards at the Cafe Royal.
Mandy Haberman, Inventor of the Anywayup Cup drawing winners of the Southampton Institute Inventors Draw, together with Caroline Wagstaff Inventor of the BackBliss and Gordon Brand the product designer of BackBliss.
Caroline has been interviewed talking about BackBliss on numerous radio stations and regularly appears on the Anne Diamond show on BBC Radio Berkshire.



Click here to see the videos of my TV appearances talking about my invention.