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Itchy, irritated back and no idea where to buy a back scratcher? Introducing the award-winning back tool, the BackBliss Back Scratcher. This back scratcher in chic black has been expertly designed with the contours of your back in mind, so you can master those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

It’s a must for those who need a safe and skin-friendly helping hand when irritation strikes – and it won’t damage the skin – because this game-changing tool has been expertly designed to deliver the relief needed without causing harm. Just pure bliss.

It features almost 32sq cm of patented scratching ‘cones’ – not spikes. These cones, of which there are 113, have been manufactured to calm and protect skin. The long, easy-grip black handle has a textured surface so it won’t slip during use, even when wet.

It also comes in a range of popular colours (we love this sleek black version) and includes a handy travel pouch so you can transport it to the gym, the beach – or keep it neat at home. It works wonders as an exfoliator, too.

Use it as a beauty tool to keep your skin smooth and blemish-free ready for summer.


Colour: Black
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Weight 84 g
Dimensions 315 × 67 × 22 cm


88 reviews for BackBliss Back Scratcher Single Black

  1. Pete & Maddie

    Scratches well but handle is too short

    We like this. The bristles are hard enough for a good scratch and flexible enough to not bruise you.
    We really wish the handle was longer. A let down that you can’t scratch your own back if you’re not flexible or short. Makes it tough for elderly or people with poor dexterity.
    Feels good when someone else uses it on you though.

  2. Kim McDermot

    Great for scratching your back by yourself!

    Its a great product for those times when you don’t have someone to help reach those tricky back areas 👍 the lotion applicator is good too 👍

  3. Carolyn

    I have very sensitive skin and the back scratcher/lotion applicator is ideal. I can easily scratch the most irritating itch without damaging my skin. Likewise, I can apply lotion without having to ask my daughter to do it for me.

  4. Billy A

    Great product, have tried lots of different ones and no other one compares to this one.

  5. David M.

    Had my first one for about 4 years, one of the best presents I have ever been bought use it every day and had to replace it.

  6. Unknown

    havnt used it yet !!!

  7. Suzanne Schmidt

    I ordered this through the BackBliss company because it wasn’t on the U.S. amazon website. It is as great as it is described. The shape is perfect with just the right curve, and the replacement pads are cheap and sent as a refill with no shipping charges ( (what a plus for when I need them in the future). I would recommend this to anyone who wants to apply lotion to their own back. The back scratcher is super also. Just wish I could carry it around with me wherever I go!!

  8. A. Yes.

    Q. Does it do the job? A. Yes. Q. Is it expensive?

  9. Unknown

    This is a mixed review. I had previously bought one and loved it so much I had to buy another one after it snapped in half.

  10. Gill

    Just what I needed – ideal – very happy

  11. Deborah Fochler

    This backscratcher is almost perfect except it needs to be just a little longer. Can only reach to about your shoulder blades. It is only about 12 inches long. I have short arms and by the time I reach behind my back, it just is not long enough. I end up dropping it down my clothes trying to reach far enough down. But it gives the best scratch I have found in a back scratcher. Another suggestion would be to do a softer version as my granddaughter says it “hurts”. So probably has softer skin than I do. As to length if could make about 18 inches long – would be perfect. BACKBLISS – I am looking at doing an extension that could be fitted to the handle which would give it about another four inches…. making a total of 16 inches.

  12. Barbara H.

    Excellent Product. It scratches my back effort

  13. Mr. C.

    Bought this after much research into what was available and have not been disappointed. It does everything that I require of it.

    My only suggestion for minor improvement would be to ask for replacement scratching heads to be available with different strengths, e.g. soft, medium and hard say? That would be the “icing on the cake”, but nonetheless I am very happy with my BackBliss back scratcher as it is.

  14. Mr. C.

    Bought this after much research into what was available and have not been disappointed. It does everything that I require of it. My only suggestion for minor improvement would be to ask for replacement scratching heads to be available with different strengths, e.g. soft, medium and hard say? That would be the “icing on the cake”, but nonetheless I am very happy with my BackBliss back scratcher as it is.

  15. Dunlop Household

    Purchase a backbliss back scratcher for my husband as a Xmas present and he loves it. It covers the parts of the back all in one go without me having to listen to NO up, down, back, left, right etc

  16. Unknown

    My mother wouldn’t be without her BackBliss, in fact this is her second one.

  17. Unknown

    Bought as a Father’s day present for my son on the recommendation of his dad who has used one for years

  18. Unknown

    OK, so perhaps I wouldn’t pay a grand for this – except, of course when I have that itch I can’t reach and then it would be a BackBliss, a BackBliss, my kingdom for a BackBliss. So far it’s done the trick every time. It can reach everywhere and altho

  19. Unknown

    Better than the cheaper variations yet eases the itch perfectly! So glad we tried this

  20. Unknown

    Does what it says – sheer bliss!

  21. Susan T.

    brilliant invention – by a woman of course.

  22. Linda D

    I already have this back scratcher and now have thrown my collection of spare ones away-this one is brilliant! I’m now buying them for gifts. My friend who has cerebral palsy and can’t reach his back loves it.

  23. Jean W.

    This is the best product you can buy for an itchy back, or head! It hurts

  24. Linda B.

    This back scratcher scratches really well but doesn’t have a very long handle so if, like my husband, you have arthritis in your elbows you may struggle to reach the middle of your back. Shame, as I’m sure it would be easy to make it a tad longer.

  25. Donald Gray-Raus

    Finally!!!!! a backscratcher worth its name and worth every penny. No more begging your other half to take pity and scratch your back, no more making do with overlong shoehorns (you can get them for boots and there are approximately the right size) now that the BackScratcher from BackBliss is here. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant – the tiny cones on the back scratcher are hard enough to give a satisfying scratch but not too hard to be painful – and afterwards use the skin cream/lotion applicator to put some soothing ointment on your dry skin to prevent further itching. All in all, a great product that I can recommend with hand on heart.

  26. Anna

    I order these from the USA because there isn’t anything in the US that works as well. It really “hits the spot” and unlike other scratchers which seem to damage the skin, this does not. Its great and made at the perfect angle. I got another one for my cat!

  27. Unknown

    Very pleased with my purchase = smooth transaction.

  28. Paul

    Great product!

  29. Iris Payne

    The Back Scratcher allows easy access to the hard to find places and the curved handle helps to get to those awkward back itches. The head gets to work straight away and gives instant relief.

  30. A. White

    Excellent product. It scratches my back effortlessly. Congratulations for such a simple yet useful idea.

  31. Dawn H.

    It does work but it does not reach right in the middle of my back so i have reverted back to my longer Hand back scratcher.

  32. Whzzer

    Purchased the BackBliss after trawling the internet for something suitable for my partner’s forever itchy back! Great find. He can now get at that irritating itch without me having to use my nails!! Sheer bliss!!!

  33. Sweething

    This back scratcher was purchased as a gift for a friend however my partner already has one and he highly recommends it. The parcel arrived very quickly and was neatly packaged. An excellent service.

  34. Sherish

    I’ve just ordered another set, the scratcher for my grown son and a spare cream applicator for myself (so I can have one for creams and one for essential oils).

  35. Benjamin D.

    This was bought as a Christmas present but I was impressed by the extremely quick delivery and the quality of the item. Thank you

  36. Unknown

    I like most people get a itchy back,so last year I ordered one off amazon it was ok but it kept off I search amazon again and stumbled across one of these.i read a few reviews and took the plunge,orderd it and a few day later it fell on my

  37. Unknown

    Excellent product! How annoying is it when you are stretched out on the beach or by the pool to have your serenity broken by those 5 little words…”Can you do my back?”. With this wonderful applicator you can DIY! It’s also really helpful for applyi

  38. Diane

    I bought these for my elderly father who has a chronic back condition and is very immobile. He uses the cream applicator for various creams and pain relief gel and he can get it to where he wants it and can rub it in which he has not been able to do on his own before. He also says the back scratcher is the best he has every had. The simplicity of the design and the ergonomic shape makes them so efficient at doing exactly what they are supposed to do. I had a look at other products before buying these but these are by far the best on the market. Will definitely buy again.

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