BackBliss Back Scratcher Double Clear/Blue

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Enjoy twice the back scratching with our double pack that features not one, but two of our groundbreaking BackBliss Back Scratcher gadgets in a handy kit for easy, hassle-free back care.

Expertly designed with the contours of your back in mind, apply gels, creams and ointments with BackBliss confidently, knowing that you won’t miss a spot.

This pack features the popular clear handle and the bold blue ocean hue we know you love.

This is the helping hand you didn’t know you needed and won’t be able to live without after trying. The one-of-a-kind, skin-friendly tool has been designed with safe scratching in mind. Think instant relief without causing any harm.

With 113 patented scratching ‘cones’ – not spikes, the almost 32sq cm surface area has been manufactured to calm and protect skin without causing flare ups.

They work wonders as exfoliators, too. Use the Back Scratcher as a beauty tool to keep your skin smooth and blemish-free ready for summer.

The BackBliss Scratcher is manufactured entirely in the UK and BackBliss is a Made In Britain member.

1 x minimalist clear handle
1 x bold blue handle



Colour: Clear/Blue
  • Two Clear Black Back Scratchers by BackBliss
  • Back Scratcher Double Pack Clear Blue by BackBliss
  • Back Scratcher Double Pack Pink Blue by BackBliss
  • Back Scratcher Double Pack Pink Purple by BackBliss
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Additional information

Weight 168 g
Dimensions 315 × 67 × 22 cm


1 review for BackBliss Back Scratcher Double Clear/Blue

  1. Steffi

    Alright, so here’s the deal. Been flying solo on my travels for a while now, and let me tell you, getting sunscreen and aftersun on my back has been a struggle. But guess what? I stumbled upon this total game-changer! I took it to Egypt with me and it made life so much simpler. This Backbliss is super sturdy, with this soft pad for effortless lotion application. It’s like having your own personal back lotion applier and the best part is that cleaning is a breeze, and it stays snugly attached to the backbliss handle. I’m loving this gadget—it’s going to make all my sun-soaked adventures a whole lot smoother.

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