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BackBliss Lotion Applicator SINGLE

BackBliss Lotion Applicator SINGLE

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Your BackBliss Lotion Applicator contains

1 x Lotion Applicator Handle

2 x Application Pads (one pad attached to a pad back and assembled)

1 x Pad Back

1 x specially designed Travel Pouch 

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CARE INFORMATION - To prolong the life of your individual replacement pads, simply wash your pad whilst still attached to the plastic pad back using soap and water (shower gel or shampoo, is also ok) and allow to dry thoroughly before reuse.

BackBliss pads are unique, great care has been taken to select the perfect material for regular contact with your skin. Read about the manufacturing process.

Lotion Applicator Pads Backs and Back Scratcher Pyramid Pad attachments are interchangeable.

Individual Product Dimensions

Length     310 mm

Width       65 mm

Weight     120 gms

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