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It’s the beauty tool you’ve been waiting for. Introducing the black BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator, a groundbreaking gadget for the application of sun cream, fake tan and medical lotions. Long gone are the days of awkwardly applying creams to dry backs, struggling with self tan streaks and neglecting full-body exfoliation.

This award-winning back lotion applicator in a chic shade of black – as featured on Dragons’ Den – has been expertly designed with the contours of your back in mind, so you can master those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

The long, easy-grip handle has a textured surface so it won’t slip during use, even when wet. It also comes in a range of popular colours and includes a handy travel pouch so you can transport it to the gym, the beach – or keep it neat at home. It’s super-hygienic, too – we’ve made the pads replaceable so that your back cream applicator lasts a lifetime.

The BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator is manufactured entirely in the UK and BackBliss is a Made In Britain member.

* Sleek black handle
* Textured, non-slip handle
* Recommended by dermatologists
* Ergonomically designed to reach all areas
* Replacement pads available
* Comes in a reusable travel pouch


Colour: Black
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Weight 95 g
Dimensions 310 × 65 × 15 cm


442 reviews for BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator Single Black

  1. Unknown

    This product arrived promptly and has been much_appreciated by the person I bought it for. It enables you to reach parts of your back etc. for spreading lotions/medication – great.

  2. CD

    I have tried various back lotion applicators and they have all broken very quickly. This is the only one that hasn’t. This is my second applicator for when I am sunbathing, the first lasted about for 4 years and is still useable but I fancied a shiny new one. It is very well designed with a curve just right for your back. The fact you can replace the sponges is a bonus.

  3. Sheena Riddell

    This lotion applicator was for my Mum. She has areas on her back she has to cream & this is just what she was looking for & getting on great with it. Perfect length. Very reasonable price too. _

  4. Produce lady

    _I wish I had discovered your website ages ago. I ‘ve had difficulty for a few years due to a stiff shoulder and I hated asking my grumpy husband to rub moisturiser on my back. Perfect solution, so easy to use. Hope we get the weather this year so I can use it for applying sun tan lotion!!_Your service was excellent. I ordered on a Wednesday night and I received it Friday morning.

  5. Grace

    _Easy, comfortable to use, applies the lotion evenly and yet uses less lotion than other products I’ve tried.

  6. Joyce Scott, Derbyshire

    Nice shape and size and so easy to apply creams and lotions to your back without straining. Easy to clean the sponge too. A great product.

  7. Rosie Baynham

    _I have purchased quite a few backbliss applicators over the past few years and I think they are just amazing. I am post-menopausal and my back sometimes itches and it is wonderful to be able to to put cream on my back myself, instead of waiting for my husband to come in. I also use it when on holiday to put suncream on. Great product!

  8. Unknown

    _Brilliant gadget for when no-one at home to oil up your back.. really impressed with fast delivery in under 24 hours – amazing._

  9. Joanna Rawson

    _Just wanted to write and say what a great product this is. I’ve tried applying cream to my back with many different contraptions and even some other applicators in the past. I wasn’t holding out much hope for this one (I am an eczema sufferer) but I have been overjoyed at how simple and effective this is. It is definitely the best I’ve used so far. Jo Rawson_

  10. Unknown

    _Have just received it and looks very good. I am sure it will be just what I wanted.,_Thank you.

  11. Anon

    _I bought this for my pensioner father, to replace one that had been in constant daily use for the last 18 months. He lives alone and has developed severe eczema all over his body and has found it invaluable to apply various creams and lotions several times daily. The one I originally gave him had been purchased over 10 years ago and was called Bodybaster. We had been trying to purchase another for 6 months with no success and my father was beginning to despair. Backbliss appears identical and my father is delighted and relieved to have a replacement. BACKBLISS COMMENT: This product is identical just a renamed version of BodyBaster once we realised all the other uses for it in addition to sun tanning!_

  12. B. Cheltenham U.K.

    Very pleased with my Backbliss products.Bought the applicator and an additional pad back with spare applicator pads together. Just what I need to make the application of 2 different products to my back so much easier. Ordered on Sunday and received by Wednesday First class service. Would definately recommend this product and Company _

  13. Daniella T

    _It really is a great product. I use is to apply moisturizers to my back and legs. The foam pads feel nice as well….!!!_

  14. Alexa

    _I’m very pleased with the design and function except for two minor niggles – one being that I’ve scraped my sunburned back with the edge of the pad once or twice (and learned to avoid doing it again I hope!) and the second one is that the pad is quite absorbent so lotion gets wasted – maybe a thinner, smoother pad option would help? Otherwise I’m delighted and would recommend the applicator as an excellent product. _

  15. BD

    _As a single gal I am very happy with the product so I can apply my selftan lotion and sunlotion without a man doing it! Hahah! Im sad I know.._

  16. Unknown

    _great for slapping sun tan lotion on my back_

  17. Unknown

    Delighted to receive my Backbliss refills of pads and a new pad back. Have used the BB for years on beach holidays to apply sun cream and now it’s invaluable as well for after the bath dry skin lotions._A brilliant product, should be more widely available, I love it!!

  18. EW Australi

    _I bought the Back Bliss lotion applicator before I moved to Australia. Its a great product and so useful. There is nothing as good over here!_

  19. Jon

    Gone is the sunburn in those diificult to reach places. At last the single traveller can really relax in the sun on holiday. A good quality product delivered promptly and good value for money. I bought my first about 6 years ago and it is still in use; for holidays and home in the shower. I decided to get a second to use as a back scratcher._

  20. Edith

    _I had surgery a few weeks ago and find it hard to bend to reach my feet and legs. I use the applicator to apply my moisturiser. Am delighted with this and have recommended it to friends. My dermatologist suggest I buy one as he recommends them above other applicators

  21. Unknown

    _I use this for my Hols… As a solo traveller it is a really good product._

  22. Brenda Powel

    _It is an excellent product and I have been able to apply moisturizer to my back for the first time in 6 years since having breast cancer._

  23. Phil Webb

    _Great product, as with most of the best gadgets it’s so simple, once oiled up the pad slips over even the dryest skin giving a nice soothing feeling, making it ok to reach those hard to reach areas. My only complaint, and i mean it constructively, is that it is made of shiny plastic, and i am applying an oil or other such, which when it gets onto your hands and the handle makes it quite slippery, maybe a rubber or even wooden handle for better grip, but realy a minor chritosism. All in all very good _

  24. L Todd

    _Really nice product. The pad is just dense enough to hold the moisturiser without holding an excess._The length is ideal as it’s not so long that it’s difficult to apply adequate pressure whilst being more than long enough to reach all over.

  25. Unknown

    _I first used this product in 2006 on holiday and found it gives easy coverage. The handle is still in use – I decided to buy another, so one is for sunscreen and the other for aftersun lotion._

  26. Alice Burton

    _I got one of your lotion applicators a while back – so pleased with it I have bought one for my mum for Christmas!_

  27. Katrina

    _I’m very pleased with this product, the lotion goes on smoothly and the sponge is very soft. Perhaps the handle could be a little longer.

  28. Unknown

    _This is the second Applicator I have had. Far better than a flimsier, smaller and less effective padded competitor. The handle broke on my first one but after several years use! I think this may be after travelling in my luggage! Will be interested to see how the travel bag lasts. A great quality product, fully does what it’s supposed to. Thanks._

  29. Unknown

    The product was doing it’s job and I was pleased with it (for suntan lotion so really important that it worked properly). Unfortunately it broke in two on the 5th day I was using it – very strange! BACKBLISS RESPONSE:: Dear customer – we are so sorry that your handle broke. Of the nearly 5000 products that we sell every year we only get the occasional handle breaking. We are sorry you had one of the faulty ones. We pride ourselves on our customer service – had you contacted us direct we would have been delighted to send you a replacement handle free of charge. Best wishes, The BackBliss Team._

  30. Gemma Cairns

    _I cannot believe I hadn’t thought to search for this product before. I was able to apply my sun tan lotion (and aftersun) easily all holiday.

  31. Anon

    _An excellent product but could it not be designed to look more like a beauty aid and less like a health aid?_(BACKBLISS COMMENT: it depends what colour your ordered – we offer charcoal, clear, pink and blue!)_Also, does it have to be sent first class post? (BACKBLISS COMMENT: I am looking at whether it can be sent at lower rate of postage if we don’t assemble it! Watch this space!)_

  32. Unknown

    _Strong and flexible. Easy to use. Does the job.

  33. E Rulton

    _I am disabled and have tried many different lotion applicators. I need to use one several times a day and this one is undoubtedly the best lotion applicator I have ever used. I simply couldn’t life without it and have been a customer for years!

  34. Unknown

    _This product is the best I have tried for applying lotion to the parts of my body I cannot reach._I am disabled with mobility problems, and I cannot bend very well, so having the backbliss lotion applicator has allowed me to reach my legs easily._

  35. Jackie

    How lovely this is to be able to put cream on your back without waiting for your partner to come home!!_

  36. Anon

    _I have used one for a few years to apply all sorts of lotions, daily moisturisers, sun tan lotion etc. Since an operation on my left shoulder it has become even more invaluable as the movement in that arm is limited. This one I bought for my daughter and I hope she will find it as useful as I have.

  37. Marie


  38. Unknow

    _At last I can get cream on the whole of my back_

  39. Sue

    _I have had an itchy back for years and it has been so difficult to apply cream, especially as I have arthritic shoulders. The “Backbliss” has enabled me to apply cream easily, it is easily washed after an application and I would recommend it. I chose the clear one and it blends in with the bathroom.

  40. Danni

    My mum has been on at me for ages to try one of these applicators. I finally did and now I see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been putting moisturiser on my back and it feels much better and less itchy as a result. I’m really pleased!_

  41. Joyce

    _This is my second purchase of the the lotion applicator. I use it everyday and I love it. _

  42. Belinda M

    _I used mine every day for sun tan lotion and aftersun and shall be using it when I get home for body lotion_

  43. Sunseeker

    Very prompt delivery. _I haven’t used the applicator yet, but plan to use it to apply sunscreen and bought a second pad to apply after sun cream during a forthcoming holiday._It looks like it can do a good job

  44. Zoe

    _Best thing ever invented for the single traveller

  45. Unknown

    _A great gadget much better than anything else I have tried, its easy to use even with my limited mobility. The order and delivery service is impressive too.

  46. McNaughton

    _Thank you. I couldnt believe that my order was delivered in under 24 hrs. Thats what I call a super service. I ordered this for my mother who has nasty burns on her back and has to apply cream to the wounds 3 times daily and as it is very difficult for her to reach, this backbliss is the ideal solution. Thank you again for your very prompt service. _

  47. John Bent, Warrington

    _I have now received my back ointment applicator and just want to let you know how wonderfully successful it is. For a long time I have searched around for such a great applicator without any success so I could not be any more pleased than I am now. Very many thanks._

  48. Chuckie’s tea lady

    _As a single woman with dry skin who lives alone, this is absolutely essential to me. I’m so glad it was invented. Considering I use it every day after showering, I’ve bought a few over the years and I think the fact I can’t remember how much time passes between each purchase shows how durable it is. Without it, it is impossible to moisturise my back and I miss it when away from home. Now, how about a travel-sized version with a telescopic extending handle? And, why on earth is it not available through conventional beauty product outlets? Surely it should be considered as ordinary a purchase as a hair comb or make up brush….

  49. Adrian

    _as an eczema sufferer who lives alone this has finally helped me calm my back down, so pleased with it bought another one for a mate in similar position_

  50. Su Watts

    _As an excema sufferer I have to use a lot of lotions on my skin. I had to wait for my husband to do my back at night and as he comes to bed after me that meant he would wake me up to do it !!!!_Now I’ve got the BackBliss lotion applicator, no more interrupted sleep, I can do it all myself :D_The pads are washable too which is a bonus, and the customer service was brilliant. All in all I’m very satisfied and would recommend the product to anyone_

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