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Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Testing of BackBliss Products - They HAVE been tested on humans!

BackBliss products have been tested by Alison J Messenger BSc MSc M.Erg.S of Castle Ergonomics who developed a questionnaire to evaluate the products during testing.

BackBliss products were tested on a variety of men and women who were chosen because of their body shapes and sizes. As both the lotion applicator and the back scratcher are hand-held devices, Alison took into account the length and breadth of testers hands too as well as the length and widths of their backs.

Alison was pleased to report that the BackBliss products passed her tests with flying colours with over 90% of testers reporting that the product reached the centre of their backs was easy and comfortable to use.

BackBliss products can be used by practically anyone to put creams and lotions on the middles of their backs!

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